Project Management

Project Management

At The BettenField Group, we apply proven project management tools and techniques to adapt to the fluid demands of the modern workplace.

While sound project management requires an understanding of best practices and process frameworks, The BettenField Group recognizes that behind each project is a team of people with varying levels of involvement, experience, and investment. Our project management work, guided by certified PMPs, emphasizes clear expectations within a framework of respect and recognition. We work to build consensus among stakeholders while fostering an environment of accountability through open lines of communication.

Our holistic approach enables us to oversee an array of enterprise level projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Development of products or services
  • Implementation of new processes and procedures
  • Introduction of technologies and tools to improve efficiencies
  • Refinement of organizational approaches and culture

In partnering with institutions to bring projects to completion, The BettenField Group develops a sense of ownership and buy-in among the project staff, ensuring that each milestone has significance for those working on the project. A sense of responsibility and accountability emerge organically through our methods.