The BettenField Group provides vendor management services to small and midsized financial institutions. We help these institutions strategically manage risk and accountability throughout the entire outsourcing process.

Our expertise in overseeing the entire outsourcing program or managing specific stages includes:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Vendor comparison and selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Vendor monitoring and oversight

As financial institutions turn to external service providers to maximize operational and financial efficiency, the burden of accountability still rests with the financial institution. We work with banks and lenders to evaluate and implement risk management processes to establish, manage, and monitor the outsourcing process.

The BettenField Group delivers a full-service vendor management program or assistance with any of the following specific functions:

Outsourcing Governance
Review existing policies and procedures and/or develop outsourcing governance program

Vendor Procurement
Coordinate service provider identification, evaluation, selection, and contract negotiation processes by developing RFPs, RFIs, detailed comparative vendor analysis and other tailored strategies

Ongoing Vendor Oversight
Develop vendor management programs and provide continuous monitoring and oversight of vendor performance and industry-related developments to anticipate, evaluate and mitigate outsourcing risk

Project Management
Apply proven project management tools and techniques to meet the fluid demands of the modern workplace